• The History of Bowtech®

    "A gift from God"

    Thomas Ambrose Bowen

  • Mr. Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) of Geelong Australia began developing his technique in the 1950’s. He had no previous training in any modality or discipline, but was interested in ways to alleviate human suffering, he noticed certain moves on the body had particular effects. He continued to develop and refine the technique throughout his lifetime with the help of his friend and secretary Rene Horwood. He frequently stated that his work was a gift from God.

    Mr. Bowen became extremely busy in his Geelong clinic, performing more than 13,000 treatments per year, a great number of people passed through his clinic and benefited from his work. He also had free clinic days for  children and people with disabilities, and community service workers.

    In 1974 at a national health conference in Adelaide is where Oswald Rentsch met Mr. Bowen for the first time. Not knowing anything about his work, he asked him if he could learn from him. Shaking hands he told Ossie to go see him and he would teach him. The next two and a half years Ossie studied the technique, authorized him to document his work. There were no charts, manuals or notes. With the help of Mr. Bowens secretary Ossie produced a representation of his original work.  Honoring Mr. Bowens wish to not teach the technique until he passed. In 1976, Ossie and his wife Elaine began utilising the technique in their clinic in Hamilton, Victoria.

    In 1986 they held their first seminar in Perth, Australia and named it The Original Bowen Technique. By 1990 the Rentsch’s were teaching full time in Australia. They founded the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 1987, to preserve the technique and ensure it was taught in its original form. Since then, Bowtech® has been introduced in many countries, honoring Mr. Bowens wish on his deathbed to spread his work throughout the world.